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Registered Professional Engineer, Massachusetts
Certified Soil Evaluator
Certified Title 5 Inspector

Our Work

A typical septic system. A conventional Title 5 septic system consisting of a septic tank and stone leach trenches. The leaching trenches, also known as the soil absorption system, allows effluent from the septic tank to infiltrate back into the ground. These systems are typical for most installations in Massachusetts. The size is dependent on number of bedrooms in the home and soil conditions.

Septic tank installation. The septic tank is a watertight tank where the primary settlement of wastewater occurs. Outflow from this tank goes to the soil absorption system. This tank requires periodic pumping to minimize solids and greases from entering the leaching area.

Innovative Septic Systems. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has approved a number of innovative/alternative systems that can be used in lieu of stone systems. These systems can provide enhanced treatment and are particularly useful when replacing a failed system on lots with poor soils or limited space.